Sunday, May 26, 2013

Many Firsts

Pictures speak a thousand words.  Got quite busy with the little one the past few weeks.

A quick update..

Gross Motor Skills:
The little one has finally reached the one year old mark and has started waddling in April and walking in mid May. She loves loves loves LOVES to play with water though I can't say much for bathing.  Started to dislike bathing especially when she has to wash her hair but has completely no problem with a pail of water down her face when she's at the water playground.

Oh and when she is at home, she doesn't walk. She runs. 

Babbles plentiful.  Passed her 14th month and she yaks non stop.  I enjoy chatting with her because she respond, not only with her gibberish language but her eyes, her little shoulder gesture, her flailing hands TALKS!

My heart melts each time my baby calls Mama.  And she calls with so much understanding, knowing that Mama is me, Baba is Geo. She'll look at me, stare awhile and go "Mama" gently...

Disclaimer: Only happened with familiar friends, small groups and family. :) Shyer when she's with unfamiliar faces.

Fine motor skills:
I believe she should be doing pretty well with the FM skills.  I began to expose her to playing with homemade dough and homemade paint.  Can't keep her still for long but at least for 5 minutes, she had fun tearing the dough and stamping her painted hands/feet on the mahjong paper.  She enjoys tearing paper and she ADORES peeling anything she can get her hands on! She stood at a table for 15 mins just peeling the paint off.


Observing other kids play

Love the intense look

First step on her own on 26 April

Trying to find playdates for the little one in the event she becomes the only child. :P

Attending her first church conference

Attended my first Lifegroup, out of home-ground, after the coming of Faith after a year. More confident to handle a crying baby, if she ends up crying.  God is great, she enjoyed Lifegroup and her sleep routine wasn't much affected.

Started Faith at Sunday School. Waiting for the day we can release her completely to the teachers there. :)
Lastly, my bubbly little pumpkin playing with all her might!

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